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DONSENSE 3D offers excellent 3D lenticular postcard and business card printing services


DONSENSE 3D, a trusted 3D lenticular printing service, provides quality lenticular card and postcard printing services in the US, UK and Middle East.

Founded in 2005, DONSENSE 3D specializes in providing advanced and personalized printed advertising solutions. Using lenticular printing tools and procedures that use a wide range of effects, such as 3D, animation, flip, zoom and mixed (3D + flip), they provide attractive and quality printing products and services. . Some of their products and services include 3D lenticular poster printing, large format lenticular poster printing, 3D lenticular postcards, 3D lenticular sticker printing, 3D lenticular book cover printing, DVDs lenticular and blue ray inserts, lenticular fridge magnets, 3D lenticular clothing printing and Suite.

Responding to a question, the spokesperson for DONSENSE 3D commented, “As an innovative printing company, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are equipped with state-of-the-art tools. These tools include a 5-color UV printer, green PET lenticular sheet, globally advanced RD design software, and Kodak CTP output equipment. With these, we can produce high quality lenticular prints for customers’ marketing needs. Helping businesses meet their custom 3D lenticular printing needs is our specialty, and you can trust us anytime to do a good job. You can simply contact us for a free consultation to receive suggestions and reliable solutions for your printing needs ”.

Lenticular printing helps to create an illusion of morphing, clear movement and 3D effect on a 2D printing surface. With this style or mode of printing, people can display many types of images with different perspectives on a thermoplastic sheet, including movie scenes, human actions, animal behavior, among others. At DONSENSE 3D, they offer their services to clients using an advanced approach, as well as recent printing techniques. The company is recognized as one of the most successful lenticular printing industries in its region, and its offices are located in Hong Kong and Shenzen. Companies that therefore need a 3D lenticular printing service can contact DONSENSE 3D.

The spokesperson added, “With 3D lenticular postcards, you can display multiple messages or information to your viewers as they can see many images from the interlaced images. Our postcard printing services are suitable for architects who want to display their skills, cosmetologists with fascinating before and after images, couples who want to create a separate backing card, and more. If you also want to use postcards for the holiday season greetings, we are at your disposal and you can contact us at any time ”.

DONSENSE 3D printing technicians use very advanced 3D motion printing technology and their lenticular lens manufacturing skills are top notch. At DONSENSE 3D, they also provide customers with personalized lenticular business cards, which are more attractive and help to improve the visibility of a business. With these cards, businesses can make a lasting good impression on current and potential customers. Thus, interested companies can contact DONSENSE 3D for the quality lenticular card printing services.


DONSENSE 3D offers a variety of 3D lenticular printing services, including 3D lenticular postcard printing services. The company uses standard equipment and tools to deliver satisfactory and exceptional products to customers.

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