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Early Signing Period Recruitment: Ranking Syracuse 2022 Football Signatories By Movie Posters


As has been the case for a few years now, the Syracuse Orange football schedule isn’t just announcing early signing period additions. They prepare custom artwork via Brandon “Bus” Whitaker (which you can read more about here). In the past we’ve seen album covers and superheroes. In 2022, the theme was movie posters.

There will be more when National Signing Day takes place in February. But for now, here’s how we would rank the movie posters for the top 12 player signing.

1. Quan PetersonBlack Panther (2018)

Are we suckers for some Marvel-themed stuff around here? Sure. But Peterson’s Black Panther-themed poster is also just a very interesting fusion of film aesthetics and Syracuse-related imagery.

2. Belizaire BassetteStomach (1998)

Perfect fit here combining “Beli” and Stomach, and throwing Nick Monroe on the poster is just that extra entertaining step that makes this one stand out. Paying homage to DMX is also a fitting note eight months after his death earlier this year.

3. Max Von MarburgFriday 13 (1980)

There were a lot of directions you could have taken with the Australian bettor instead, but this one ends up winning because he’s subtly smart. To suggest that our new bettor is a killer – with coffin corner punts, of course – is very much in line with the mark.

4. Cornell perry Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky IV might just be the best movie in the franchise, and the imagery delves into Perry’s potential success as well as an underdog story.

5. Dom fosterSpace jam (1996)

While bringing in Michael Jordan for this image might have worked given his own family ties to Syracuse, using Otto instead makes it a lot more entertaining. Just be glad Dom didn’t ask for 2021 Space jam restart instead.

6. Joe cruzStar Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Whitaker does a great job with the Star Wars font here, and it’s really nice that the image doesn’t try TOO MUCH to lean on the Star Wars theme. I’m actually surprised Dino didn’t use the “orange side” more given his appreciation of the film.

seven. Quint Allen Fully paid (2002)

The original Fully paid the poster is powerful in itself, and this redesign gets it without taking itself too seriously in the process. “Signed in full” is also a phrase that should be used more often at the start of the signing period / day of signing.

8. Mekhi masonMenace II Society (1993)

A threat in defense indeed, Mason will join an impressive group of linebackers for Syracuse. Is he really a threat “to” Syracuse? Sure. But that doesn’t work for the movie we’re referring to here.

9. Donovan brownFriday (1995)

If only Donovan (or Otto) had also made Chris Tucker’s facial expression from the original poster. Still, “Signing Day” works in the film’s original font, and the reference “Damnnnnn” also wins.

ten. Denis jaquezHe has a game (1998)

There is an opportunity here to incorporate He has a game actor Jim Boeheim in it, but the ability to hold on is commendable. Keeping the background pristine white also creates a great contrast when it would have been understandable to lean heavily in orange instead.

11. Chad SchusterThe water boy (1998)

Granted, it took me a second on this one, but the “high quality blocking” was a nod to the original. I would love to see them have Schuster holding a cooler, but that’s an extra step and one of the awesome things about it is using existing footage to make them.

12. Jeremiah WilsonJohn Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

The contrasting orange and blue here create some cool imagery and must appreciate the reluctance to replace rain with snow given that this is Syracuse. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the only films included to be released in the respective lives of these players. Now you are feeling old.


So they were the ones we liked the most. But what were your favorites?