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Halo Infinity Soundtrack LP, Limited Edition Posters by Mondo


A crop of an illustration featuring the Master Chief of Halo on an orange background with a small orb in the sky.

A crop of Ken Taylor’s new Mondo poster for Halo Infinite.
Picture: Mondo / XBox

So we heard this rumor that some of you like this thing called, * check the notes, * Halo? The chef is about to resume action in Infinite halo, and if you are looking forward to the next chapter, or playing a part already-The people at Mondo is teaming up with Xbox to release some really striking posters for the launch. io9 at your first look today.

The posters are from one of Mondo’s most popular and talented artists, Ken Taylor, and he absolutely crushed the look and feel of this game with his unique and detailed styling. There are two versions of the posters, a portrait and a landscape, both called “Infinite halo: Forever, we fight.

a halo poster by artist ken taylor.

Halo Infinite: Forever We Fight by Ken Taylor
Picture: Mondo / XBox

The portrait is a 24 ” X 36 “ssilkscreen in an edition of 250 and costs $ 50. Below is the Landscape, which is an edition of 120 and costs $ 75. These will go on sale this morning, December 2, at noon EST.

Master Chief fighting a giant ape in a halo poster.

Halo Infinite: Forever We Fight by Ken Taylor (Landscape)
Picture: Mondo / XBox

Then there is Infinitethe vinyl of the soundtrack, which will be available on December 8 at 1 p.m. EST. It features music by Gareth Coker, Joel Corelitz, and Curtis Schweitzer—which also provide cover notes for the release—and includes Taylor’s illustrations from the above posters as a cover. It is pressed onto 2x 180 grams of color vinyl and also available on 2x 180 grams of black vinyl. Here are some pictures

“It’s been ages since we had our first call with the wonderful Microsoft / XBox team to work together on Infinite haloEric Garza, Senior Creative Director of Mondo, told io9 via email. Matt Ryan Tobin’s epic reintroduction of Master Chief at the Sachin Teng premiere of beautiful and instantly iconic Yoroi Spartan armor. Finally, we are a few days away from the release of a new Halo title and we are proud to offer a pair of gorgeous posters and an original vinyl soundtrack with stunning illustrations from the legend himself, Ken Taylor. Many of us at Mondo have spent countless hours playing Slayer Mode with friends, and it’s so exciting to play a small part in adding to the legacy that is Halo. Forever we do indeed fight.

All will be available on the Mondo website and you can get updates by by following them on Twitter.

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