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Kevin Smith shares three posters for CLERKS III; Trailer Coming Wednesday — GeekTyrant

Kevin Smith shared three promotional posters for his upcoming film Clerk III. The release of these posters all lead up to the trailer premiere, which arrives on Wednesday.

The most recent poster features Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) as they watch the fast stop, and a few figures standing in front of it, including Jason Mews like Jay and Smith like Silent Bob. There are also a few new characters. The poster also features the caption, “They’re too old for this change.”

In Clerk III, “Following a massive heart attack, Randal enlists Dante, Elias, Jay and Silent Bob to make a film immortalizing his life at the convenience store that started it all.” The returning cast includes Rosario Dawson like Becky.

Each of the images is accompanied by a note from Smith offering additional details and information. Some of these notes include:

I’ll be touring #clerks3 like we did with #jayandsilentbobreboot, so you can watch the movie *with* me, then we’ll talk about it afterwards! The first 19 dates will also go on sale on Wednesday, with our second wave of cities announced on @comic_con weekend! Can’t wait to take you back to @quickstopgroceries, where my perspective was first skewed, to share the next chapter in the lives of Dante, Randal, Becky, Elias and @jayandsilentbob with anyone who still cares that 90s nonsense like as much as me!

The reason given by Dante for closing steel shutters at @quickstopgroceries all over #Clerks is that someone jammed gum in the locks. But the real reason the steel shutters were closed was because we shot most of the clerks in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning when the store was closed. This gag only existed to hide the strings of our little puppet show! I hand-stamped (no shoe polish) the sheet myself in 1993, so Dante still has my handwriting – which you can see in this, our second pre-release poster from the fun folks in @lionsgate’s marketing department ! And on Wednesday, July 6, we’re taking you beyond the steel shutters to show you the #clerks3 trailer! The first 19 dates of the tour will also go on sale that day, with a second wave of cities announced at @comic_con – where you’ll find me stationed at @tinroofsandiego dressing up as @moobyspopup! But Saturday night, come see me in Hall H – because I’m bringing the cast with me and we’re going to show #comiccon the first 5 minutes of Clerks III!

Now, in the fall of 2022, you’ll see Dante and Randal do something similar, when CLERKS III hits screens! And on WEDNESDAY JULY 6, you’ll get your first look at @clerksmovie’s joyous trailer when @lionsgate releases it worldwide IN 2 DAYS! In poster 3, we see our heroes Dante and Randal (@briancohalloran & #jeffanderson) are back, @jayandsilentbob still hanging out (with Bob’s briefcase cuffed to his wrist à la Elwood Blues and @jaymewes wearing a @newjerseydevilsofficial jumper ), and awesome Jesus-junkie Elias (#trevorfehrman) has a new look and a new friend (played by @austinzajur of Son-in-Lockdown)! Together, these retailers will rise to the challenge of their lives in an artistic attempt to tell their life story – while still selling cigarettes and cereal! This fall, head back to the l’il store around the corner in New Jersey where the 90’s never ended, as I take my new film on the road for CLERKS III: THE CONVENIENCE TOUR! Tickets will go on sale WEDNESDAY as soon as the trailer is released!

I can not wait to watch this movie !