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Love and thunder style posters with photo mode

Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man continue to get the most out of Photo Mode, with one player using it to create posters inspired by Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel’s Spiderman is known for having a top-notch photo mode as well as a dedicated community that uses it constantly. A common activity has seen players create posters in Marvel’s Spidermanand a Redditor recently continued this trend with images based on Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest entry in the MCU and the fourth film in the Thor franchise. Helmed by Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, the film has the same over-the-top visual style and offbeat comedy that made its predecessor so successful. Although its reviews were weaker than expected, with critics citing pacing issues in the film’s first half and a lack of scenes with Gorr The God Butcher as key issues, it still has plenty of personality. That personality extends to the film’s posters, with Reddit user LobokVonZuben paying homage to the designs.


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Whereas Marvel’s Spiderman posters aren’t new, the focus is usually always on Spider-Man live-action movies. This makes sense considering most of the costumes from those films are in-game, and it’s much easier to create an homage to other Spidey content in a game based on the same character. Still, LobokVonZuben took up the challenge to do some Marvel’s Spiderman posters with Thor: Love and Thunder vibrations, and their hard work paid off.

This fan’s posters feature Peter Parker in the Spider-Punk suit, which seems like an appropriate choice given the tone of Thor: Love and Thunder. The Redditor manages to capture blue and orange skies in the background, which is key to capturing the feel of the original posters they drew inspiration from. In the first of these images, which the artist cleverly dubbed “Webs and Thunder,” Spider-Man is seen leaping into the air with one arm raised in the sky. The second poster sees the hero crumpling to the ground with a close-up of his mask, which is a particularly crisp angle.

What really makes these posters work so well is the Electric Punch suit ability, which fans can access through the electrically isolated suit. Fans have used this ability before to recreate Miles Morales’ powers in the original Marvel’s Spiderman, as Electric Punch adds lightning punches to Peter’s arsenal. This blue electricity is visible on his hands in both posters, allowing Thor’s signature power to be present in the gorgeous pair of images.

With plenty more MCU movies on the way, including Black Panther: Wakanda Forevermaybe the fans will redo other posters in the Marvel’s Spiderman Games. For now, however, fans have this Thor-like Spider-Man design to enjoy.

Marvel’s Spiderman is available now on PS4 and PS5. A PC version will be released on August 12.

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Source: Reddit