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For the time being The artist First shown in Cannes around the same time last year, many movie critics called it: this film was a huge treat for audiences with the potential to win the Best Picture award. Yes, it was a black and white, French, silent film on old films, starring actors few Americans had heard of, but it was as big a hit with audiences as the Cannes critics did. predicted, earning $ 129 million worldwide, and of course winning five Oscars in stride.

Now The artist will have the chance to add a little more to that box office tally. The Weinstein Company announced its reissue The artist in theaters this weekend, in time for Mother’s Day and offering an alternative to the weekend’s only other major release, Dark shadows. And they also offer fans of the film, especially art lovers, to participate in the event themselves. They organize a competition called “Artists for the Artist”, in which painters, designers and others are encouraged to create their own poster for the film. The winner will receive a frame, a cinema-sized copy of their design, and it will be displayed on the film Facebook page, accompanied by a link to the artist’s portfolio.

You can participate in the competition here, and your submission will be added to the gallery you see there. The winner will be announced on May 16. Take a look at one of the applications below and find out what you’re working against. be hard to beat.


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